Collectors Plant Fair Clarendon, my Cool Subtrops Talk postponed..

Well by now, I’m sure most of you realise ALL events planned to attract more than 500 people are cancelled.. Booo… so I shan’t be able to present the super interesting talk for you on Sydney gardens of my design this Sunday 29th March.

Aloe ‘Fairy Pink’ has popped at my ‘Sea-Changer’ garden

So instead of the usual plant fair on the ground, Convenor Linda Ross has been busy transferring the CPF ’20 offering to an on line market. See here for details for details where you might be able to find some exciting fairside treasures !

Exciting modified greenwall grow barrel

In the meantime, some of you may remember a few images showing new plantings from before Xmas in the last post by Mark Paul and his visionary work at the Greenwall Company; now gracing a special harbourside garden I’ve been keeping an eye on for many years.

Flanking both sides of the terrace step out, two more grow barrels bring lush sophistication to this terrace high above it’s harbourside view

Self irrigated, so with the advantage of easy care, each ‘barrel’ can also use all sides as a planting surface. Once planting closes over all exposed fabric & mesh, the effect is one of lush abundance that never competes with the view.

Rich textural & foliage colour contrasts make for year round interest in these conjoined rectangular Grow Bales
Most planting was repurposed from many small pots formerly on the same terrace, now unified into ‘Grow Barrels’

Hope you enjoyed and love your garden !!!

In case you missed it ..

Amarygia ‘Bozandycol’ by Keith Tollis (Boz), Andy Harvie & Colin Hunt

Hoping you’re enjoying some more lovely rain this week…. the March/April garden will be lush. Last Friday week ABC’s Gardening Australia very kindly featured my home studio garden ‘Sea-Changer’ here at Forresters Beach on the Central Coast.

Puya species from David Fripp @ Living Edge Nursery Peats Ridge

For those of you who asked and might have missed it Just click here and kick back for a few pleasant minutes of mid morning relaxation on your busy Friday.

Aloe ‘Early Gold’ against Strobilanthus gossypinus – Pewter Plant

Further to the feature, I’m also giving the Key Note at Collectors Plant Fair Clarendon on the Sunday 29th March (scroll down to the Mirror Deck pic showing details) part of their Speakers Program @ midday. It’ll be about Sydney’s cool subtropical climate and how to understand it’s growing conditions a little more, to make better selections from exceptional points of sale like Plant Fairs.


Its tonight .. !

‘Sea-Changer’ shade hut, for cool seclusion

Aunty ABC 7.30pm tonight 21st February, after the news… Gardening Australia will bring you a feature spot of my ‘Sea-Changer’ here at Forrester Beach of the NSW Central Coast.

Nearly 2 years in the can at the onset of wintertime, I’ll be ‘to camera’ about YOUR cool subtropics garden, some of what grows well in them and a little about fit to growing conditions for year round planting that will make your garden even better !!

LOVE your garden … & hope you can tune in tonight 😮

‘Springtime ‘Sea-Changer’ style …

Green Bales & Barrels ?

There are many reasons to apply creative thinking to something so adaptable as a Green-strip panel … right ?

…. but it takes a creative genius like Mark Paul to come up with winning ways that are only as limited as his imagination. Much of the planting in this Green Barrel was repurposed from smaller pots on site, with a few additions to extend foliage colour & textural contrasts. This pic was taken on the day of install, I’ll show you a progress later this year, so you can see for yourself how they’ve expanded into self irrigated ‘barrels of wonder’ alternative to conventional pots.

Green Barrels (foreground) & Green Bales (background), a low maintenance alternative to high maintenance pots

With conventional pots, its just the sky faced planting surface that plants can grow in … With Green Barrels & Green Bales, the planting surface is not only the sky face but also the sides that can be populated with epiphytes (grow on trees) & lithophytes (grow on rock) & others that are adaptable to this growing condition.

Green Bale around 1m wide x 500mm x 500mm terrace, doesn’t compete but frames the harbourside view by bringing mass beneath rail height

Planting all sides AND the sky face, gives each unit an impressively ‘full’ abundant look, without the drudgery of watering cans. No need to be constantly checking moisture levels regardless of exposure, as an irrigation manifold runs through the inorganic medium, for the most efficient use of our precious water. As it’s an inorganic recycled medium, this can’t disintegrate, so what your plants grow in is permanent without having to be ‘potted-up’ to the next size container to avoid root block…sooooo EASY !

Beautiful Hippeastrum psittacinum a Sth American bulb that also grows as an epiphyte on Green Barrels & Bales

So if you have a family member, a long time bestie or twenty years long work colleague who is planning or has pulled the back off the house to do a major reno…. NOW is the time to make contact with the whole year ahead to make the garden changes they want well before Christmas ’20

Peter Nixon 0418 161513 Paradisus & Mark Paul 9969 2682‬ Greenwall Company