Christmas Charm for all Garden Lovers

Sobralia xantholeuca – Mexican Reed Lily

Garden Lovers early summer .. and the rush up to Christmas time, always adds a special excitement to the garden. Aside from the usual suspects, lovely as they are; gardenias, agapanthus, Ceratopetalum – NSW Xmas Bush, Hydrangea and Shasta Daisies … there are some new plants to try for this time. Like the lush Mexican Reed Lily (Sobralia xantholeuca) that I can’t recommend highly enough to you for the bright shade garden. Beneath tall Gum Trees, on the south or eastern side. Mine grows as a Christmas companion to ‘Sea-Changer’s’ garden gate, beneath a Weeping Bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis). Softer in appearance than cymbidium orchids, Sobralia makes a meter or so patch, with stiff bamboo-like stems and leaves with glossy parallel venation.

Looking forward to seeing many of you again here at ‘Sea-Changer’ for ‘Planty Fierce’ come Sat. 6th May ’17 when the garden will open together with ‘Living Edge’ at Peats Ridge and Ray Henderson’s ‘Paradox’ at nearby Glenning Valley. But for now, enjoy your Christmas and wishing you a fab New Year, especially in the the garden !!!

Best Wishes, Peter