La Niña … cool subtrops winners & winners!

Studio Garden, ‘Sea-Changer’ ..Alstroemeria hybrid, Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’with Gardenia grandiflora ‘Star’

Hi Garden Lovers,

So much rain over past weeks has powered a lush surge in our cool subtrops gardens, not seen during recent years of dry Spring conditions.

This has supplied our warmer end planting band width with softer, super humid air. Any cuttings you’ve set will have a high strike rate and planting that’s evolved to extra water in the March Garden … is splendid.

Pink Blood Lily – Haemanthus coccineus X albiflos bit like a high summer ‘tulip’..take a look!

Other lush benificiaries of current rainier conditions are the fern tribe. Especially those evolved to high light levels within tree canopy drip lines, where these plants can miss out, so tolerate months of very little rain like the Terrestrial Elk Horn Fern – Microsorum.

Terrestrial Elk Horn Fern – Microsorum punctatum ‘GreenUp’ from Brent & Denise Vieritz at Colours of Eden with a vertical, rather than lax habit, perfect for narrow spaces.. ..take a look!

And of course, there are semi-aquatic plants like the Swamp Hibiscus – Hibiscus coccineus hybrid

High Summer hero of our La Niña season, a water loving Swamp Hibiscus that can grow well past 2 m tall !

Hope you’re enjoying some of the great beauties of La Niña ’22 and don’t forget to see many more at Collectors Plant Fair Clarendon, 9-10th April and avoid the queues by getting your tix now !!

Amarygia ‘Bozandycol’ from Andy Harvey, Keith Tollis & Colin Hunt at Andy’s Rare Plants stall CPF’22 …but be early on Saturday !

Also, you know that good friend, long time work colleague or sibling who keeps asking for help designing and or project managing their garden … ? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the request (as often happens with my best referrals BTW..), please send them my website or Insta page … to help them make a beautiful garden to come home to every day, just like yours 🙂

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