Greenwall Inspirations & ABC 702 Small Gardens tomorrow!

“After visiting Peter Nixon and Ian McMaugh’s gardens on Open Gardens Australia we were inspired to create two vertical gardens in our inner-city Sydney courtyard. Recycled window security grilles were attached to wooden walls with turnbuckles and doorstops to give stability and clearance. In this courtyard with a northerly aspect Bromeliads and orchids are thriving and their verdant growth has created an eye-catching focal point.”

– Judy Ellis local Darlington resident

Just loved this… and did you know I’ll be talking further TOMORROW (SATURDAY 28th June) sometime between 8.45 and 9.30am with ABC 702 radio announcer Simon Marnie on Weekends, about how to make the most of a little. If that’s all the garden you’ve got, well, make the most of it !! Hope you’ll join me.

Hard Baked Glamour

Hard Baked Glamour….

that’s how I always think of Noelene & Ian Dawes Cremorne rooftop I finished a few years ago …. because it really is an unirrigated band width of tough planting beneath an open sky, that’s up for high radiation with self water storage and relatively low maintenance. So EVERY time I go there it delivers higher and higher visual impact. So if elevated N/W is an aspect you battle constantly with at home, try this robust combination of proven aloes, bromeliads, kalanchoes, epiphyllum, cycads, euphorbia, sansevaria and epidendrons (crucifix orchids).

Hard baked and all the better for it !!!