‘Clifton’ Courageous

Planty Peeps at ‘Clifton’ Masterclass by designer Peter Nixon

Cool Subtropics Masterclass at ‘Clifton’ last Wednesday ..was two hours of ‘planty’ goodness, showing many Sydney seaside and harbour gardens of my design over the years. So reassuring to see nearly 100 of you, all wanting to learn new plants to make a better garden. 

Keen interest across residential home owners, master maintainers & growers ..
As the Speaker, have to say two hours just seemed to go by in a minute .. !

Hoping your cool subtrops baby tube give aways are safely in the garden by now, for an even better garden this high spring come November. 

Cool subtrops give away tubes to try at home went well ..
Many more people signed on to receive free the Garden Lovers Blog

High interest drove many more sign ups to receive the Garden Lovers Blog as an easy way to stay in the loop of new and interesting plants to make gardens from .. If you forgot to sign up or couldn’t make it on the day, sign up here at GARDEN LOVERS BLOG that will take you to my e-mail address.

On my left, master cac & succ grower Wendy Twaddell, formerly of Hannah St Beecroft & more recently of Garden Gate Dural
With Felicity McCaffrey our Host & owner of rather loverly ‘Clifton’ Hunters Hill

Thanks to all who attended. Your great interest in making a better garden has raised around $2,250 for L’Arche Sydney   …while learning more at the same time from the huge cool subtropics planting bandwidth, to make more Sydney gardens from plants .. !

So if it’s your sister, your 20 years long work colleague or the friend you went to school with … if they’re in the garden making loop and in need of pain relief – your referral would be MUCH appreciated and in return, you KNOW your precious referral is in safe hands 🙂

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Design & Project Manages gardens from exciting plants for the cool subtropics Sydney and Eastern Australian NSW Coast.

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