‘Sea-Changer’ THIS Fri 12th July, 7pm Channel 7

Graham Ross at ‘Sea-Changer’ on BH&G’s shoot day in mid May this year

Getting a chance to spread cool subtropics love here at ‘Sea-Changer’ .. that’s what you’ll see 7pm on THIS Friday’s 12th July episode of Channel 7’s BH&G program.
Graham and I get to show you a species hippeastrum for late Autumn, so useful for a blast of scarlet fire in the semi shade garden. Tune in to see pretty sub-shrubs like barlaria and ruellias that can bring your garden welcome long flowering interest. He’ll also show how climbing bromeliads like Neoregelia x macwilliamsii and N. compacta are covering slat panels here, to bring lush low maintenance green cover to walls and fencing for your garden and much, much more ..

THIS Friday’s episode of Channel 7’s Better Homes & Gardens you can see my ‘Sea-Changer’ garden, for ideas to make an even better garden at home….
See you ‘Sea-Changer’ – side !!!

Shoot day at ‘Sea-Changer’ from the Mirror Deck

CLICK ON ABOVE VIDEO for a ‘Sea-Changer’ taster on what you’ll see on BH&G tomorrow (Friday 12th July) night.. !! 

‘Clifton’ Courageous

Planty Peeps at ‘Clifton’ Masterclass by designer Peter Nixon

Cool Subtropics Masterclass at ‘Clifton’ last Wednesday ..was two hours of ‘planty’ goodness, showing many Sydney seaside and harbour gardens of my design over the years. So reassuring to see nearly 100 of you, all wanting to learn new plants to make a better garden. 

Keen interest across residential home owners, master maintainers & growers ..
As the Speaker, have to say two hours just seemed to go by in a minute .. !

Hoping your cool subtrops baby tube give aways are safely in the garden by now, for an even better garden this high spring come November. 

Cool subtrops give away tubes to try at home went well ..
Many more people signed on to receive free the Garden Lovers Blog

High interest drove many more sign ups to receive the Garden Lovers Blog as an easy way to stay in the loop of new and interesting plants to make gardens from .. If you forgot to sign up or couldn’t make it on the day, sign up here at GARDEN LOVERS BLOG that will take you to my e-mail address.

On my left, master cac & succ grower Wendy Twaddell, formerly of Hannah St Beecroft & more recently of Garden Gate Dural
With Felicity McCaffrey our Host & owner of rather loverly ‘Clifton’ Hunters Hill

Thanks to all who attended. Your great interest in making a better garden has raised around $2,250 for L’Arche Sydney   …while learning more at the same time from the huge cool subtropics planting bandwidth, to make more Sydney gardens from plants .. !

So if it’s your sister, your 20 years long work colleague or the friend you went to school with … if they’re in the garden making loop and in need of pain relief – your referral would be MUCH appreciated and in return, you KNOW your precious referral is in safe hands 🙂

www.peternixon.com.au     0418 161513   Paradisus Facebook 

 Paradisus Instagram                 info@peternixon.com.au    


‘Clifton’ Masterclass Hunters Hill by Peter Nixon

Garden Lovers its nearly time this Wednesday 1st May for our special time together at historic ‘Clifton’ for a
Masterclass I’ll give on cool subtropics gardens I’ve designed for Sydney !!!

Looking forward to showing you beautiful Sydney gardens made from EXCITING cool sub-tropics planting. Inspiration for your home garden or the dream garden you may be planning that I could help you with … 🙂  

AT THE TIME OF SENDING THERE ARE JUST A FEW SEATS LEFT !!!  If you haven’t responded by clicking on ‘comments’ at the end of this post yet, to say you’ll join us in ‘Leave a Reply’ YOU ONLY HAVE TILL MIDDAY THIS MONDAY 29th APRIL to get onto the door list.

A free Cool Sub-tropics tube plant for you to try at home or give to a garden friend.

Masterclass 9.30am for 10am kick off THIS WEDNESDAY,
1st MAY at the rather lovely home of our host Felicity McCaffrey, ‘Clifton’
7 Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill    $25 at the door
for L’Arche 4 Sydney 

Mirror Deck ‘Sea-Changer’ greenwalls

Come to Wednesday’s Masterclass and don’t forget to leverage your new knowledge, by experiencing for yourself cool subtropics plants at my ‘Sea-Changer’ garden. Opening free on Saturday of the same week
4th May 10am – 2pm !! Enjoy a nice day out of the city with a garden friend on the Central Coast, only an hour north on Pacific Motorway from Wahroonga on ramp. Lunch at Bamboo Buddha at Holgate, 21 Wattle Tree Road 43 65 5810 to book.

‘Sea-Changer’ 21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach Peter Nixon 0418 161513      

Cape Town dreaming ….Franschhoek Valley

Travelling companion & bestie Judy Taylor on Table Mountain

Top of the Rock …. last October Nurse Taylor and I travelled to exciting Cape Town and ascended Table Mountain. So many good garden plants come from South Africa and getting to see them and the gardens they are made from, was a lifetime in the making .. and did NOT disappoint.

Beautiful species proteas hug the wind swept climax vegetation on Table Mountain
Franschhoek Valley’s majestic surround
Henk Schultz masterpiece home garden in Franschhoek Village

And of course, we couldn’t have travelled so far without visiting a few rather accomplished Garden Designers and their handiwork. One of the most prominent and in the beautiful wine lands at  Franschhoek Valley was the super charmed home garden and labour of love by Henk Scholtz 

Fish Tank Garden, like looking at ‘fish’ behind glass as a walk by
Still life …Lady with Pigs

The attention to detail and true whimsy that Henk makes his garden from is truely unique to him and the South African sensibility. Artistic quirk only begins to cover it, like this store mannequin covered in ceramic mosaic, complete with tin lid skirt and shell belt accompanied by wire pigs.

Shadow wall gardening
Shell gate charm
Gate detail
Shell Shower special

Rear planting space topiary ‘lawn’

With Garden Artist Henk Scholtz

Will show you more of the Capetown Great Adventure in another post

Double sided greenwall by Mark Paul at Greenwall Co. for Paradisus           ….and don’t forget my exciting Masterclass on Sydney Cool Subtropics Gardens at historic ‘Clifton’ in Hunters Hill on Wed 1st May at 10am $25 at the door all proceeds to L’Ache Sydney. Bottom of post click on ‘comments’ say you’ll attend in the Comments field & hit send to save your seat(s). Soooooo easy !!