“Sea-Changer” Shade & Dining Canopy

Summer shade & winter sun … get thee a shade hut.

There were many reasons I decided on this house at Forresters Beach on the Central Costa, chief among them was the rear garden aspect that is open to the north.  

Natureed Shade Hut Canopy
Natureed Shade Hut Canopy

A basic  request among gardening types I hear you say, maybe so but I think essential for anyone who values the benefits of a winter sun trap where sought after warmth can be got right to the back of any static shade device. Meaning no matter how brief, watery or weak the sun might be in the June – July period, any shade device facing most parts of north WILL allow precious rays at this brief but rather important time of year, to warm one’s back to toasty perfection out of the wind. 

Combining the brotherly landscaping talents of Green Elements Simon & Hayden Jones, with Jennifer Snyder’s House of Bamboo (where options in new flooring & wall panelling have reached a recent apex of sophistication and always especially in creative ways to bring shade to the garden), so the “Sea-Changer” Shade/Sun Hut & Dining Canopy have emerged. 

Natureed retractible Dining Canopy
Natureed retractible Dining Canopy

Of course, as the name suggests, its the Shade Hut function that’s supported over many more months than the brief cooler stint, when ferocious daily temp’s mean getting OUT of the sun is the difference between far less appealing air con. and a welcome breeze outside where our climate leads us so naturally. BBQ’d meals, drinks with friends & fam, its all outside for most living on East Coast Australia …  good to know that even for the brief cooler period, Natureed Canopies ARE retractible on cable driven pulleys between the gal. steel frame posts just to let in a little extra sunny goodness.

Looking forward to showing you all this and more at the exciting “Sea-Changer” Saturday, 5th March ’16 Launch so mark your planners for a fun day on the Central Costa.         

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