Cool Sub-tropics gardening – see Sydney gardens at their best !!!

‘Clifton’ Hunters Hill … an 1890 mansion & garden

Garden Lovers, hoping you will join me at beautiful ‘Clifton’ in Hunters Hill for a Masterclass on cool subtropics planting to suit our coastal    Sydney gardens.

Felicity McCaffery, owner of ‘Clifton’ and Hunters Hill Open Gardens Convenor, has agreed to host my talk to shed further light across the dazzling array of planting bandwidth that fits between our cool subtropical goal posts.

‘Clifton’ balustrade serpentine of hydrangea

See a 40 minute keynote presentation with 20 minutes for questions, of a selection of my Sydney designs and the current home work garden ’Sea-Changer’ at Forresters Beach, Central Coast, on how to make a better garden in warm temperate, coastal, frost free growing conditions.

Cycads flank the facing entry to ‘Clifton’

Find out more about what cool sub-tropics gardening is and the exciting plants you could be growing that are a fit to our brief winters and long sultry, thunder storm filled summers to make your garden great again. Part Wendy Whiteley’s garden at Lavender Bay, expanded into seasonal colour blasts, year round textural contrasts, low maintenance and next to nil predation.

The Masterclass includes a cool subtropics mini tube plant to try at home, plus free admission to my         ‘Sea-Changer’ garden on Saturday 4th May 10am – 2pm, 21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach.

Hippeastrum hybrids at “Clifton’

Limited numbers for this exciting talk and something to look forward to after Easter Holidays!! To hold the event Felicity and I need to get an idea on numbers. To show your interest in attending, please click on the ‘leave a comment’ field at the bottom left of this post. 

WHERE: ‘Clifton’ 7 Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill

WHO: Garden Designer Peter Nixon – Paradisus

WHEN: 10am – 11.30am, Wednesday 1st May ’19

RSVP: to show you’d like to attend Friday 1st March

COST: $25 pp at the door

BENEFICIARY: L’Arche 4 Sydney  



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Design & Project Manages gardens from exciting plants for the cool subtropics Sydney and Eastern Australian NSW Coast.

26 thoughts on “Cool Sub-tropics gardening – see Sydney gardens at their best !!!”

  1. Amanda Henderson and I would love to attend on the 1st of May. I may have a couple more from the Sydney Tropical Society interested too.

    1. Thanks Jacqui, yes you and Amanda are on the Door List for ‘Clifton’ Cool Subtropics Masterclass at 9.45am on Wed 1st May.
      Cheers, Peter

    1. Thanks Paul, good to hear from you again and hope you and your garden is doing well.Have you on the Door List… Maybe your Mum would like to attend … no ? Cheers, Peter

  2. Peter, I sent a reply saying that i’d like to attend this event, but I can’t see it here. I’m sending this again in case it didn’t go through. Ken

    1. Yes Ken, no worries I have you down on the Door List from your first message on the 13th March mate. Lemme know if you’re coming with a garden buddy. Cheers, Peter

    1. Thanks Wendy & Graham, looking forward to seeing you on the day at the ‘Clifton’ Masterclass, Wed 1st May. Cheers, Peter

    1. Thanks Laurie, look forward to seeing you at’Clifton’ Hunters Hill then Wed 1st May and hope you can bring a garden loving friend also…. $25 pp at the door for L’Arche 4 Australia. Kind regards, Peter

    1. Thanks Anne, so pleased you can make to the ‘Clifton’ masterclass and do mark your planner for Wed 1st and remember ‘Sea-Changer’ garden is open the same week on Saturday 4th May. Cheers, Peter

    1. Thanks Cathy, well be sure to bring a garden loving buddy along then !! maybe Nurse Judy can get a Wednesday off Mark you planner for the 1st May and $25 at the door for L’Arche 4 Australia. See you then if not before !!

        1. Yes Anne & Jorgen, I have you down from your message on the 13th March. Looking forward to seeing you at ‘Clifton’1st May Masterclass. Cheers, Peter

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