Your ‘Clifton’ Masterclass ‘Leave a reply’ response

Mirror Deck ‘Sea-Changer’ greenwalls, opens free Saturday, 4th May 10am – 2pm

RE: Designer Peter Nixon ‘Clifton’ Masterclass
on Sydney Cool Sub-tropics Gardens

7 Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill, 10am – 11.30am
Wednesday 1st May, 2019
for L’Arche 4 Sydney 

Dear Garden Lovers,

Thanks hugely for the kind responses and assurances for those of you who have responded already since last week’s post to attend my Masterclass $25 @ the door for L’Arche 4 Australia. Some readers have reported difficulty in making their attendance response in the Comments field.. so I’ve fixed it ! To show you would like to attend (or even with a gardening friend as well..) use the following – 

1.Simply scroll to the end of this follow up post, where the number of comments are shown.
2.Click on that comments number for the view and the view will jump to a view showing all comments so far.
3.Scroll to the end and Leave a Reply appears with a comment field &
hit Post Comment

Sooooooooo easy …. and look forward to seeing all of you interested in leveraging the knowledge about your own gardens from Wednesday’s Masterclass, by also joining me here at
‘Sea-Changer’ Instagram  the following Saturday, 4th May 10am – 2pm Designers ‘walk & talk’ at midday. 

Seats are limited for this exciting ‘Clifton’ Masterclass on Sydney Cool Sub-tropics Gardens, so to give myself and ‘Clifton’ owner / Hunters Hill Open Gardens Convenor Felicity McCaffrey an idea on numbers …
PLEASE respond today 😮      

Love Your Garden .. !

Peter Nixon – Paradisus & Garden Lovers Blog    

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Design & Project Manages gardens from exciting plants for the cool subtropics Sydney and Eastern Australian NSW Coast.

32 thoughts on “Your ‘Clifton’ Masterclass ‘Leave a reply’ response”

    1. Thanks for your text and nothing planned as yet for another Masterclass for ’20 but would love to roll one as this last one at Clifton Hunters Hill was a great success !

    1. Yes Amanda have added your name with Cathy Cooke, to the Door List for tomorrow’s exciting Masterclass at’Clifton’ Hunters Hill. See you soon !! Cheers, Peter

  1. Hi Peter, please put me on the doorlist but I probably wont get there till about 11am!! Earlier committments…what will parking be like??

    1. Hi Lib, street parking Ok but you’ll probably be a fair bit along by 11am ! Talk probably just finishing by then but come along anyway of course & you’re on the Door List :))

  2. Hi Peter, Jacqui Maxwell and myself would love to attend the Masterclass. Cheers. Amanda Henderson

    1. Thanks Jacqui, yes you and Amanda are on the Door List for ‘Clifton’ Cool Subtropics Masterclass at 9.45am on Wed 1st May.
      Cheers, Peter

  3. HI Felicity
    I am so excited to come along to this and will be bringing a friend so if you could set aside two seats for us that would be wonderful. Looking forward to it, Dijanna

    1. Hi Dijanna, Its Peter Nixon here responding from Garden Lovers Blog to you for the Masterclass I’m giving at Felicity’s ‘Clifton’ on 1st May. Thanks for your response and have added your name + 1 to the Door List for you. Looking forward to seeing you then … Kind regards, Peter Nixon

    1. Thanks Rachel, have you down on the door list now and love to come visit Ivy Ally one day. Is that the one in Hunters Hill Felicity told me about ? Cheers, Peter

  4. Hi Peter, I spoke with Felicity directly,so hope my name is on the list.Looking forward so much to it.

  5. Hi Peter,
    My wife & I would very much like to join your Mastrclass on
    1st May,
    Tony & Annette Waterworth

  6. Peter, I’d like to come to the “Clifton” masterclass on Wed. 1st May, please. Ken

  7. Hi Peter
    I’d like to come to the Clifton Masterclass, please.
    Many thanks
    Lesley Simpson
    (Friday Growing Friend at Sydney Botanic Garden)

  8. Hello Peter,
    I would like to attend – (possibly with a friend looking to transform a block of 80’s units.) If not just me.

    1. Thanks Barbara, looking forward to seeing you on 1st May at ‘Clifton’ & I’ll show your + 1 for your friend. Cheers, Peter

  9. Hi Peter,
    I would like to come to the talk at Hunters Hill with a friend. I sent a comment the other day but it says it is awaiting moderation!
    Can you please respond by email so I know you have seen this.
    Thanks, Sally

    1. Hi Sally, sorry for slow response.. ! Yes looking forward to seeing you at ‘Clifton’ come Wed 1st May for the Cool Subtropics Masterclass with your friend and have added you + 1 for the door list. Thanks for sending :)) Cheers, Peter

    1. …. then I hope it will be on a day that the Wxxxy’s is having a day off also Brent !! Thanks for responding to this exciting day mate .

  10. Please can I book two places for myself and Sancha Dickson , the Masterclass sounds wonderful,
    Thank you
    Rosie Stevens

    1. Yes Rosie, we have you and Sancha on the list. Thanks for responding and see you on the day for this exciting talk !!

  11. Dear Garden Lovers, fill the Comment field under Leave a Reply, to show your interest in attending my ‘Clifton’ Masterclass at Hunters Hill. Maybe you have a friend whose thinking of making changes in the garden ? Just let me know how many will be joining you to learn all about exciting cool subtropics gardening in Sydney. Cheers, Peter

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