Designer RBG Sydney Planting for Your Garden

Exciting Designer Planting that are good garden “doers” for your home garden
THIS Wednesday 11th March 2.30pm-4.30pm at

RBG Sydney Growing Friends Nursery

(next to Maiden Theatre & Herbarium on Mrs Macquaries Road).


Now this day is especially for the trade to increase awareness of the possibility of having plants grown under contract, why shouldn’t YOU benefit also …? Sales to home owners for their gardens also welcome !!  Production Grower Greg Lamont and I can answer questions you may have on these new plants I’ve helped select, that focus on benefits for use as well as their ornamental virtues as shown on the link above.

Near non-transparent from ground level, excellent fence concealer
Hibiscus insularis, near non-transparent from ground level, excellent fence concealer

So if you’re searching for something special for that difficult spot or just always on the look out for good garden plants, why not add something special from the Royal Botanic Gardens to your home garden ..

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Design & Project Manages gardens from exciting plants for the cool subtropics Sydney and Eastern Australian NSW Coast.

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