South American Bulb That Grows on Rock

IMG_2449Flowering bulbs are often associated with a cool temperate climate, did you know there are many interesting easy to grow bulbs better suited to Australian east coast growing conditions that love higher humidity and our wet summers? Hippeastrum aulicum actually grows on trees, in rock crevices or among rocks as in this Paradisus garden for John & Susan Trathen’s Balgowlah garden. Maybe there’s a sheltered spot for some of these swish Sth American flowers hippeastrum species, to add late Autumn colour to your garden too ..         


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2 thoughts on “South American Bulb That Grows on Rock”

  1. Pete, as usual your blog is both beautiful and informative. I love the hypies. I might get some to squeeze in here at DP.
    The garden damaged by hail bit will return to normal in Spring except for the mushy succulents on the terrace.
    I love watching your Forresters Garden emerge.
    What is the depth of a fully developed green wall?
    This would be for a narrow path with a charming colour bond fence as the backdrop,!!!

    1. Hi Sancha, sorry for delayed response and yes things are working out here at the “Sea-Changer” hoping for an Open Day on Sat 4th March. Shame about the hail but I’m sure No. 3 will rise like the phoenix she is through the ashes of split leaves.Front to back of most Greenwalls is around 300mm depending on mature size of the planting as larger plants (like the alcantarea giant landscape bromeliads) might grow out to a 500mm but that would be unusual … A fitting remedy for that colour bond fence I’m sure !

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