‘Living Edge’ for Planty Fierce .. in just 2 Saturday’s

Aristolochia gigantea - Giant Duchman's Pipe
Aristolochia gigantea – Giant Duchman’s Pipe

Nothing says exotica like the Giant Duchman’s Pipe Vine ..at 

Living Edge garden & nursery

1483 Peats Ridge Rd, Peats Ridge,                                                  opens Saturday 5th March 10am – 4pm for ‘Planty Fierce’         4 gardens 1 day FREE ! 

 .. and this is just the tip of the ‘Living Edge’ iceberg when it comes to the kind of horticultural treasure you can expect to find at Blake Jolley and David Fripp’s garden & nursery.

Charming 'Living Edge' Dry Garden
Charming ‘Living Edge’ Dry Garden

Blake’s impeccable eye has masterfully combined the richly ornamental band width of planting coming from David’s collection and a  lifetime of his experience as a gifted propagator with an penchant for the unusual.

Rhipsalis colossus
Rhipsalis colossus
More examples of textural contrasts at 'Living Edge'
More examples of textural contrasts at ‘Living Edge’

So really, I urge you not to miss this amazing, never before seen garden of great beauty and very chic combinations, as part of ‘Planty Fierce’ and bring your pennies and plenty of boxes as you WILL be sorely tempted for your own garden 😮            

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5 thoughts on “‘Living Edge’ for Planty Fierce .. in just 2 Saturday’s”

  1. I have fallen in love with your garden David. The only problem is I live in WA. I hope against all hope, do you send plants to WA.

    1. Hi Heather, sorry for the late response but I’ve been swept away with work since the time of the last posts on Garden Lovers. David Fripp you can call about possible mail order to WA on 0416 223 868 Good luck with that one Heather !!! Cheers, Peter Nixon

    1. Hi Joanne, late April into May once a year is the only Open date for ‘Planty Fierce’ at this stage but its great to receive your enthusiasm for the event. Hope to see you next year if you can’t make it this time ! Cheers, Peter

    2. Hi Joanne, my ‘Sea-Changer’garden & plant sales will be open together with Ray Henderson’s ‘Paradox’ at Glenning Valley on Sat 28th April 2018 http://bit.ly/2BHflNn as part of ‘Planty Fierce’. Hope to see you then. Cheers, Peter Nixon

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