‘Sea-Changer’ for ‘Planty Fierce’ just 2 more weeks to go …


'Sea-Changer' mirror deck
‘Sea-Changer’ mirror deck & naughty dogs

‘Sea-Changer’ 21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach

…open FREE for ‘Planty Fierce’ 10am – 4pm Saturday, 5th March 

Just 14 days now until you could be standing in front of                               ‘Sea-Changer’s’ Mirror Deck, part of my first seaside home garden effort, that’s barely at its first season but already with an  impressive youthful high summer flush, thanks to regular rain.   

Mark your planners NOW to see all 4 never before opened, exciting  ‘Planty Fierce’ gardens on the Central Coast on the 1 day.  Avoid the disappointment of missing out on some of the best warm temperate, coastal planting available from sales tables at each garden, just bulging with garden treasures you’ll probably never see again..

Kalanchoe marmorata - the Pen Wiper Plant
Kalanchoe marmorata – the Pen Wiper Plant
Oxalis deppei 'Iron Cross'
Oxalis deppei ‘Iron Cross’ – ornamental oxalis
Euphorbia caput-medusae - Medusa's Head
Euphorbia caput-medusae – Medusa’s Head
Ruellia elegans - Brazilian Petunia
Ruellia elegans – Brazilian Petunia

… just a little taster of what you can expect across the Coachwood sales tables at ‘Sea-Changer’ for ‘Planty Fierce’ as one my preferred Designer Growers Network suppliers. Bring extra pennies and plenty of boxes because there are plant sales at both ‘Paradox’ and ‘Living Edge’ also !!

For the ‘Plantiest” day possible, can I suggest the following itinerary assuming you are on the Pacific Motorway heading north before 9am –

10am Peter Nixon’s ‘Sea-Changer’ designer coastal garden 

21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach plant sales,

EARLY LUNCH Bamboo Buddha 221 Wattle Tree Rd, Holgate http://www.bamboobuddha.com.au/ 

12.30pm Cathy & Tony Tabone’s beautiful expansive acreage garden at 21 Toomeys Road Mt Elliot,
or Tabone’s then LATE LUNCH Lotus 127A Ocean View Dr, Wambaral https://www.facebook.com/Lotus-Cafe-160936717259445/ 

2pm Ray Henderson’s fierce ‘Paradox’ 25 Curringa Close, Glenning Valley plant sales,

3pm David Fripp & Blake Jolly’s plantman garden “Living Edge” at 1483 Peats Ridge Rd Peats Ridge garden on the way home ..then easy to join Pacific Motorway returning to Sydney.













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2 thoughts on “‘Sea-Changer’ for ‘Planty Fierce’ just 2 more weeks to go …”

  1. HI Peter,
    What a great day you have planned. We will be there straight after yoga – all ommmm’d up!
    Will we sort of be travelling in a loose convoy? So I can follow someone?
    Tania x

    1. Thanks Tania, yes a great day is planned at ‘Planty Fierce’ !! The Event Map on the reverse side of your ‘Sea-Changer’ garden guide given out at the gate here, has address and locations of the other 3 gardens. Yoga and gardens go together so well :))
      Chairs, Peter

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