Tabone Garden .. in graceful sweeps

Planty Fierce Event page and My Open Garden 

Tabone Garden … more quietly fierce 

21 Toomeys Road,  Mt Elliote open FREE as part of ..

“Planty Fierce” 4 never before opened Central Coast gardens on 1 day FREE, Saturday 5th March 10am – 4pm with designer plants sales for your garden.

Giant Potato Creeper - Solanum wendlandii roars over this grow cable
Giant Potato Creeper – Solanum wendlandii roars over this grow cable

Why not plan a lovely day out of the city with a friend who shares the same interest and you could be strolling through 4 lush gardens on the Central Costa ..  including my new ‘Sea-Changer’ here at Forresters Beach :0

Yes that’s right, I’m opening my ‘Sea-Changer’ garden on the first weekend in March with 3 other never before opened, exciting coastal gardens to show you !! None are more than 20 mins from each other and Cathy & Tony Tabone’s beautiful acreage at 21 Toomeys Road,  Mt Elliote has some of the best warm temperate coastal gardening can offer, like this rush of Giant Potato Vine following the rear northern house face. Might give you ideas on getting privacy for your own garden, supported independently on Grow Cables to make the most of these gorgeous Wedgwood blue flowers.

Plan a delicious lunch at any of the nearby cafes like Lotus at Wambaral or Bamboo Buddha Holgate for a perfect day.        

Stay tuned for more posts on the other gardens in coming weeks.. :)) 


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